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Free pest control in Middlesex

Posted: Thu Mar 20, 2008 4:51 pm
by Renegade MAster
Hi everyone

I am based on the outskirts of London and am a keen air rifle shooter and hunter, with over 20 years shooting experience. Finding land to shoot on in a city is incredibly difficult, and I would like to extend an offer of free pest control to any farmers or landowners in the Middlesex area who are prepared to allow me permission to shoot on their land.

I am an experienced hunter and a member of BASA, which also provides me with liability cover. I am able to dispatch all airgun quarry, including rabbits, pigeons, squirrels, crows, rooks and magpies. I am aware that many of these species are destructive to crops and can carry diseases to livestock. I am also perfectly willing to undertake barn/building clearances of pigeons and rats, or any other pest species. I am considerate, quiet and above all careful.

If I can be of any help please contact me via PM, or telephone on 07798-726306.

Many thanks,

Dan Ody