Wanted Shooting/Stalking South of England, Pos. lease fee...

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Wanted Shooting/Stalking South of England, Pos. lease fee...

Post by Nielaj@o2email.co.uk » Wed Jul 09, 2008 4:34 pm

Hi the Farming Forum.
I am new to the Farming Forum, not a farmer however am very much a countryperson.
I am posting on this forum to try and get in contact with someone who has some land and is interested in some vermin control being done, mainly rabbits however am interested in all aspects.
I am also interested in Deer Stalking\ Management, if this is available I may be interested in paying a small lease fee for the stalking obviously subject to the type that is available, or along the lines of a good supply of venison.
I am fully insured by BASC, I have a firearms ticket for a .22 rimfire, .17 HMR and a 6.5 x 55. As well as a Shotgun Certificate.
I also have my DMQ DSC1 which is a Deer Stalking certificate.
I would be very appreciative of any replies because as im sure you know shooting is becoming harder to come by.
I am based in West Sussex but travel regularily through the South of England, Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Wiltshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire and Somerset mainly but visiting new places is always interesting. I am very keen and this in terms of pest control helps me do what i see as i good job, I love the challenge of trying to do a job and do it well, above all I am safe and will always take your wishes into account and be respectful.
Finally thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon...
If you are interested please PM me or Call me on 07718747217 for further information...


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