Smarter irrigation scheduling.....

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Smarter irrigation scheduling.....

Post by j1munslow » Thu Mar 15, 2012 5:23 pm

Smart irrigation scheduling..

Soil Moisture Sense Ltd specialise in the supply of soil/substrate moisture monitoring solutions and irrigation decision support services. We also develop and supply a range of environmental and weather monitoring solutions. Rainfall, temp, humidity, moisture.....

We work with growers of every scale, producers of a diverse range of crops, in the UK and internationally.

Our core business is supplying irrigation scheduling products and services.

We continue to have a great response from growers trialing our systems and are pleased to announce that FREE trials will remain available this season. The majority of growers who experience the benefits of continuous soil moisture monitoring adopt the technology...

Do you irrigate? How do you decide when to irrigate, how much water to apply and equally important when to cease irrigation.

Continuous soil moisture monitoring technology is accurate, reliable and cost effective. Our proven continuous moisture monitoring equipment is the most accurate and detailed soil moisture monitoring system available worldwide. We have hundreds of systems monitoring almost every type of irrigated crop in the UK - potatoes, sweetcorn, asparagus, soft fruit (including strawberries, raspberries, blueberries), top fruit, vegetables, salad and glasshouse flowers to name but a few. We can monitor soil grown, pot grown and bag grown plants.

Contact us now to secure a 2012 trial.

07977 299 113

As an additional bonus the data collected can be used to demostrate good water use to auditing bodies and to support abstraction license discussions with the Environment Agency.

For more information on irrigation see

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