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Blumenthal wrote:
Danube wrote:
Blumenthal wrote:
Danube wrote:Lot of MF 38's over here. Come s/h outa west. and the Mf's. people seem to get on fine with them. easy self fix stuff.

Even seen a coupla dowdeswell ploughs..
yeah thats why the soon to be in-laws run the older masseys,he likes stuff that he can work on as he does contracting as well as his own so likes to be able to keep going.I like both tractors,but the 8250 has the edge on comfort.
it was my first full season on a combine to be honest but i really enjoyed driving it as its quite simple to operate and it can still manage 50 acres a day.

as for the ploughs you may notice that the one behind the 8250 is not the right colour for a dowdeswell as i had to give it alot of welding and plating love and a re-spray in the workshop-it had a hard life from its previous owners.but not from me as i'm a steady eddie...
Least I knew it was a plough. Same as most things I never look at the colour look at the job done and cost. Comfort for me is very simple. A decent seat and air conditioning that works when as normal we are over 30C. Never worried about a heater, if it's -30 C it too cold to do anything. Only exception is a combine harvesting late crops in the frosts.
just out of interest Danube,are there many people from the uk out in your neck of the woods?as in an operating machinery capacity rather than managers etc.
none. Last one who came a while back as a manager from UK. Was found with the company truck from here in Northampton. Never seen many at all. One chap from Cambridgeshire was here for a few years got through a lot of students. They mainly left. So has he. Thought he knew better than the locals on how to do everything.

To be honest no need for operators. No need for managers. There is a need for people who have good driving skills, maintence and organisational.

Sort of what I'd call good farm foreman head driver type role. Oh and languge skills.

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Post by Bloomers » Mon Feb 09, 2009 1:21 pm

Thanks Danube,I was just curious as i don't see many jobs advertised in eastern europe as you do from U.S.A/Aus/NZ etc. for drivers and such.
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