Aggressive Theft - Hampshire

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Aggressive Theft - Hampshire

Post by Lord Muck » Wed Nov 28, 2012 7:30 pm

This was posted by Lamplighter on BFF:

If you see a green Subaru, reg X478 BUJ in this area PHONE IT IN. 101 or 999. The dog burgulars, one dog killed by them others taken, others seriously damaged in four marks atm apparently but be good if others see it elsewhere please help us country folk.

Since writing the gamekeepers dog had to have vet treatment as the cattle prod infected around the wound. the other case the dog was a rare red collie 1year old was being trained as a sheep dog it was in kennels behind shed where quad was kept. The lowlife hit it over the head with a concrete block. The owner found it early next morning just alive but the vet had to put to sleep due to severe injuries. it looks as if they are after ATV,Quads. and dogs if they can get them so be on the lookout. Around Hampshire. Will strike again if not caught.
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