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About 20 yds from our drillmans house on the outskirts of Thatcham, berkshire. Its right in a bigish estate with a main road through it and happened about 8-8:30pm Tooke out two lamp posts and the brickwall. House holders are away apparently so will be pleased when they come home to find part of their garden has been mulched!

its thought to be local contractors about 3-4 miles away, never come across them until about 10 days ago when we had a local "farmer" who solely uses contractors cut his wheat that was meant for Bio-digester until that contractor went tits-up so he left it to ripen, harvested it with different contractors than he had used in the past (they'd had a slight falling out so it seems) anyway the contractors to do with the shedded straw load turned out to be the ones from 10days ago who cut mateys wheat and tipped it in our big dutch barn before going straight out to a merchant, there was a lad and a girl on corncart with super big JD's and a richard western and one of the big Rolland trailers, that latter didn't look too bad but the snapped handbrake cables dragging on the road underneath didn't inspire that maintenance was much of a priority, and the girl driver wasn't the most capable to be piloting something that big after following it down the road.
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